Free blockage removal healing meditation

Is it just me, or has the energy been a bit damn heavy for the last couple of months? Since January things have been feeling slow and tricky – and I know it’s not just me because other healers and energy workers I’ve been speaking to have all said the same thing!

After the new moon in Taurus at the end of last week, things are starting to move forward more easily. It feels like, as the sun is starting to grow in power again (here in Glastonbury at least!), we are all taking a collective in-breath and getting ready to move forward. A new day is dawning…

Here’s some help if you’re still feeling stuck

In case you are still feeling a little stuck, I’m sharing a free, 30 minute guided self healing track today to help you identify blocks in your energy body and remove them safely and easily. I recommend you do this with a clear intention in mind: where in your life are you feeling stuck or in struggle? Intend that this healing will help with that issue, and let the drum and voice healing hold you in the work.

I hope this is helpful for your healing journey! Please post in the comments below or contact me to let me know how you get on!

If this type of healing floats your boat, remember that my new monthly self healing subscription begins on 01 June. Read about Propolos here, and stay tuned for more information in the coming days…

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