This page is for those looking to begin their journey with Reiki. If you are a Reiki practitioner looking to develop your skills and deepen your healing experience, check out my powerful Reiki Sound Healing workshop and my Reiki Soul Reiki Power events.

Are you called to the healing path and looking for a place to start?

Reiki is a simple yet strong system of healing from Japan based on the work of Mikao Usui. For many people, Reiki is the beginning of their healing journey – it was for me and I never looked back.

Unlike the other courses I offer, Reiki training does not require previous experience of healing or meditation – though it certainly is open to those coming from different healing backgrounds! If you are coming to Reiki from another healing art, it will help you strengthen your existing skills and reduce healer’s burnout. Reiki provides a solid foundation in energy work, self healing, and a strong healer’s intuition. Though I am primarily known as a shamanic practitioner, I believe that Reiki is the most powerful tool any healer can possess.

Promoting Reiki excellence

I provide hands on, practical Reiki training that devotes as much time to awakening each unique Reiki healer as it does to building a foundation of knowledge and skill. While there is truth to the idea that all a Reiki healer has to do is lay their hands on a client and the energy will flow, there is also a great deal of skill and technique to this amazing healing art.

My courses focus on meditation, energy exercises and practical healing techniques. They are primarily based on a fluid, intuitive Japanese approach but also incorporate some western techniques such as working with spirit guides.

The comprehensive manuals I received from my own teachers are provided, and all students leave with guided healing meditations I created myself. The in-person training is two full days for Reiki 1 and another two days (at least one month later) for Reiki 2 and are limited to a maximum of four students. This leaves time for in-depth practice of the techniques as well as for questions and deep personal healing.

Student testimonial:

Kay is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed
working with her. I felt that over the two working days I learnt so much more about my Reiki practice. I have a good understanding of how to continue developing my healing work…All in all, it has been an excellent experience and one that will stay with me as I reflect on what I have learnt. It exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend the course to others.

Kim Gaffney, Reiki Master Teacher

Transformative Reiki healing courses

Upcoming dates for Reiki training in Glastonbury:

Reiki 1
Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 May

Reiki 2
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 July

If these dates don’t work for you, or you are a Reiki person looking for a personal Reiki refresher course, get in touch and we can arrange a one-to-one.