Support and guidance on the healing path

Propolos is a monthly subscription service providing guidance and empowerment for those on the healing path.

The guided journeys, self-healing meditations and group healings are based on almost two decades of work as a professional healer and teacher, workshop facilitator and ceremonial leader.

Each month Propolos gives you:

  • An intuitive reading of the healing currents for the month ahead
  • Powerful shamanic healing journeys
  • Guided new moon healings for releasing and moving forward
  • Strengthening full moon healings to call back lost power
  • A focused monthly teaching to inspire you on your journey
  • Access to distant healing and empowerments

The nature and format of these healing resources may change throughout the year, as they are created in alignment with the energies of the times.

Subscription to Propolos is £18 per month, through my Patreon site.

Is Propolos for me?

These resources are for anyone committed to a spiritual path of healing. Whether you are working privately to find your way, leading circles for others on the path, or working as a professional healer, the resources are designed to support your personal healing journey.

Much of the work I offer here has its roots in modern shamanic practice, but a background in shamanism is not required – I welcome those from any background of energy work looking to empower their own self healing. Some healing and/or meditation experience is needed, this is not a space for the complete beginner to energy work or visualisation. However, I will not turn away a seeker for being self taught – please contact me if you are uncertain if you have appropriate experience.

Why Propolos?

The word propolos comes from the Greek meaning companion or guide, and can be applied to an attendant on the journey. (In Greek mythology, the goddess Hekate is Persephone’s guide from the darkness of the underworld – where she became Queen – back into the world; in this aspect she could be referred to as Hekate Propolos.)

I create these healing resources and hold this space with that spirit in mind. It is not intended to be a training course, or to replace deep therapeutic work. It is my intention to recognise your own abilities as a healer and honour your path, providing guidance and resources that can help you on your way.