About me

I am a healer and teacher with 18 years experience as a Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner (and a decade of tarot reading and magic before that). Sound healing has always been the keystone of my ceremonies and I specialise in using intuitive voice work and drumming to create powerful healing experiences for individuals and both public and private groups.

My biggest passion is to support what I consider to be the two pillars of spiritual life: deep personal practice and vibrant healing community. I approach both through a mix of ceremony, song and story – our most natural impulses and the greatest tools for transformation in our lives.

With individuals I work to heal emotional and spiritual trauma, primarily through shamanic soul and power retrieval, and help tailor ongoing personal practice for life.

I facilitate joyful group events and ceremonies for communities of healers and spiritual seekers, including shamanic journeying, intuitive singing, Reiki shares and devotional work.

I am based in Glastonbury, Somerset and offer regular events and healing sessions here on this sacred land. I travel elsewhere by invitation, and offer remote healing and mentoring to support healers wherever they are.