Reiki Sound Healing workshop

Saturday 17 June 2023, 10am-6pm
White Rabbit, 21-23 High Street, Glastonbury
Cost: £90. Suitable for Reiki 2 and above.

This workshop is an opportunity for Reiki people to explore the beauty and power of sound healing. We will explore the Japanese Kotodama traditionally associated with Reiki, moving from basic chanting and toning to the building of rolling mantras within the group. We will also explore the vibrational power of words and affirmations, practicing ways to bring positive focus into healing sessions for our clients and ourselves.

In the afternoon we will incorporate shamanic medicine drumming into the healing work, and learn to weave the vibrations of Reiki into drumming for deep meditation and for healing. Please do bring your drum along to this workshop (if you don’t have a drum there will be a few spares to work with, but I recommend connecting with your own drum on this course).

This workshop is a powerful opportunity for participants to receive healing and experience deep meditations, as well as learning techniques they can incorporate into their work with others. Download and return the booking form below – or get in touch if you have questions.