Community healing events in Glastonbury

Everyone on a healing path knows that our personal practice is one of the most important things for us to focus on. Regular meditation, journeying and self healing is essential, especially for those of us working as healers, facilitators and carers. For many of us, especially if we’ve been on the path for a long time and have branched away from our early teachings to find our own way, it can be easy to become isolated.

Healing community is essential to receive and give loving support with our fellow healers and spiritual seekers. One of my great passions is to create space for community healing, places where we can come together and remember the celebratory, joyful nature of our work as healers.

Healing Song Circle

Held every sabbat at White Rabbit, Glastonbury with my fellow teacher Laura Daligan, the Healing Song Circles are a unique community healing experience. A mix of shamanic journeying, seasonal celebration and intuitive singing, these circles are open to all (no experience necessary).

These events are popular and booking is recommended – follow our Facebook page to be the first to hear about upcoming circles.

Next events:

Solstice Healing Song Circle, Wednesday 21 June 6:30pm (tickets £15).
See our Facebook event for details, or book now on Eventbrite.

Lammas Healing Song Circle, Tuesday 01 August 6:30pm (tickets £15).
See our Facebook event for details, or book now on Eventbrite.

Monthly Reiki Shares

Reiki shares are an opportunity for Reiki people to come together to give and receive healing to their community. Depending on the group needs on that day, I will lead meditations or give Reiki empowerments. Every session guarantees that each member of the group will receive a healing treatment from the group.

All Reiki people are welcome, from Reiki 1 upwards, and from any lineage. This is an opportunity for anyone connected to this amazing healing source to learn and receive from each other.

Shares are held at White Rabbit, Glastonbury on the 3rd Thursday of every month (7-9pm). Donations are welcome to cover costs.

Upcoming Reiki shares: Thursday 15 June, Thursday 20 July.